Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Thursday was Travelin' Day. Woke up and it was windy. Windy turned into cloudy and dust stormy, and by 2:30 when I needed to be at the airport, visibility was pretty low. Mum had to work in Cruces, so we had a pancake breakfast with Joe and Annze and said our goodbyes early. Joe and Annze went back to his apartment for a little while while I tackled packing up my presents and acquired goodies and some of my old things which I'd found in Annze's closet and the garage. It was an ordeal, but I managed to cram it all in somehow and without breaking anything! Joe brought back Subway, and then we went to the airport. Apparently a little while after my plane took off, it started snowing. It was raining in San Diego the whole time I was in El Paso. I always miss all the weather. ;p

Phoenix was miserable for two hours. A kid watched me play mah jong while we waited for our plane to board.

Daniel picked me up from the airport and we went over to Dominick's shop (he couldn't get out of work, so he sent Dan), where Dan proceeded to almost trick Dom into thinking that he'd been kicked out of the airport before he could pick me up. It was kind of hilarious. Joyous reunion. :) Dom had to close up, so Dan took me home and I took a shower and then went back to the shop for Dom.

We slept in pretty late on Friday. I can't really remember what all we did before I took him back to work at 4... While he was working, I did laundry and tried to tidy my room a little bit and got ready for Todd's party. I was worried my boots wouldn't get here on time, but they arrived some time that morning while we were sleeping. They look fantastic (though much shinier in person than on the website...), but good god are they uncomfortable... No wonder I never wear heels... ;p

Regardless, the party was awesome. Beth has posted photos. I particularly like this one of me and Dominick. There was good food, good friends, lots of alcohol, Christmas music until the countdown, and then dancing. Afterward, we retired to Dom's for the night.

Yesterday was spent clearing and cleaning his apartment out, since he's moving out. Since he and Renda and Allie haven't actually found a place yet, we stowed his stuff at his brother's and his friend Chris's places and in Dan's and my cars. Oh yeah, I met his dad and his older brother yesterday. They both seem pretty cool. We managed to get it all done in one day, since he'd already spent most of the week packing. We just had to get rid of the big stuff with Renda and Dan and Nick's help. Still, it was after midnight when we decided there wasn't anything more we could do to clean the apartment. We went to Rudford's for dinner (first thing he'd eaten all day *sigh*), then back to mine for a shower and sleep.

Today we were going to try to get an early start, but that didn't work out so well... Ran some errands, got some food, went over to Chris's to see Dom's cats for a little while. We ended up watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with Chris and his girlfriend and his roommate and and his roommate's brother and his roommate's brother's girlfriend. It started raining about halfway through the movie, so it was a very cozy, nice and relaxed afternoon, after yesterday's craziness.

After the movie I dropped him off at work again. He's staying at his brother's tonight. I have to be back at work tomorrow morning (bleh), so I've been desperately trying to resist the urge to take a nap long enough that it's a reasonable time to go to sleep when I have to be up at 6:30am. As usual, however, it's nearing the time I'll allow myself to go to sleep and I'm starting to feel more awake. *sigh* I wish there were some way I could afford not to work this semester... I probably practically won't be because of how many classes I'm taking... So this month is going to be busy as I try to pick up as many shifts as I can before the 26th...

I need some shelves. And a curtain rod. First I need to go to the bank after work tomorrow. Yes.

(And a moment of groupthink on the part of the roomies which was particularly hilarious/terrible... I can't even explain it.
Rachel: "Aren't coathangers used to make sure you don't procreate?"
Me: "Exactly!"
Marlena: "That's what I was thinking!"
Jeff: "You guys are going to hell.")


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