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I'm putting a new roommate plea on [ profile] copperbadge's next Radio Free Monday; this is where prospective new roomies can contact me.

A little info: My boyfriend, our roommate, and I are looking for a new fourth roommate for the beginning of February. We're looking to fill the smallest bedroom in our three bedroom apartment in the Clairemont area of San Diego. The room is $445 a month; I can't remember its exact size, but it comfortably fits a queen bed and desk or dresser, stays the coolest room in the apartment during the summer, and has a walk in closet you could keep Harry Potter in (it was my room when we first moved in. I loved it until my boyfriend moved in with us and we needed more space). The complex is centrally located, on two bus lines, and has a fantastic view of Mission Bay. We're all in our mid/late twenties, pretty nerdy on a variety of levels and interests, theatre and film kids, looking for someone who could integrate with us and would be into occasional board game nights. No cats, as Roomie is allergic, but we might be open to other animals if you can make a case to the management for them.
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LiveJournal keeps logging me out. Has anyone else noticed that there isn't a straight forward Login In link on the main page, or is one of my ad blockers fucking things up? What the hell?
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Wondering if it's even possible to tell a well-meaning friend that he is mansplaining without hurting his feelings. Because he will take it as an attack, even if all I want to say is, "your experiences are not everyone else's experiences." And he is, overall, a very nice guy and a true, supportive friend, he just doesn't understand the difference between speaking up for women and speaking for women.
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There comes a point when one of your favorite internet personalities has posted a video of himself reading the fic that got you into the work of another favorite internet personality and you simultaneously feel incredibly gleeful and little bit sycophantic... anyone else?
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iTunes survey borrowed from [ profile] thistlerose

How many songs total: 3,158
How many hours or days of music: 11 dats 2 hours 50 minutes 28 seconds

Most recently played: "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Chapter 2 The Scar" by JK Rowling, read by Stephen Fry
Most played: "No, I Don't Remember" by Anna Ternheim
Most recently added: um... the "Recently Added" list is blank... most recently bought is difficult to figure out too... o.O

Sort by song title.
First Song: "Abbey Road" by Tori Amos
Last Song: "1901" by Phoenix

Sort by time.
Shortest Song: "Postmortem" by Marian Call (0:06)
Longest Song: "Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory Rifftrax" by the Rifftrax gang (1:41:58)

Sort by album.
First album: "About A Boy" soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy
Last album: I have 502 songs that don't have the album listed, but the last listed Album is "2000 Titan AE" soundtrack featuring many artists.

First song that comes up on Shuffle: "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morissette.

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 44, 37 of which are "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows", 1 is "The Deathday Party" from Chamber of Secrets and another is "The Death Eaters" from Goblet of Fire. The other 5 are actually songs.
Life - 79
Love - 74
Hate - 7
You - 225
Sex - 14, 10 of which are only listed because they are on the mix "Serenades for Sex Kittens" which [ profile] shibaiko gave me about six or seven years ago.
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I don't normally go in for all this tribute stuff, but Maurice Sendak was an incredible man with an incredible body of work. His Ida was one of my first heros. Just a couple weeks ago, we did a project with the artwork of children's stories, and I rediscovered so many of his works which I had loved.

"When Papa was away at sea, and Mama in the arbor, Ida played her wonder horn to rock the baby still - but never watched. So the goblins came. They pushed their way in and pulled baby out, leaving another all made of ice." - Outside Over There, my favorite book by Maurice Sendak.
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A couple of guys I knew growing up almost died a couple days ago. I can't really say we were friends, we were never that close, but our moms worked together and we were friendly. I liked them, and I enjoyed the time we did spend together. They're a few years younger than me, twin brothers. I'm friends with their mom on facebook, so I hear about them from her periodically, but in my head they're still 13 or so, like they were the last time I saw them. One got his face stomped in and will need reconstructive surgery, the other was in a car wreck the next day and the driver was killed. I don't know what to say, except to tell their mom I'm thinking about them and hoping they both recover quickly. It's just so terrifying to hear about...
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Yesterday I weighed myself twice; the first measurement was 155.4 lbs, the second was 154ish... Today, I did the same and ended up with 153 and 156. I think my scale may be a little off. Anyway, it gives me a ballpark reference, I guess.

I worked eight hours, standing the whole time (seriously, why is it so much easier to stand for eight hours at the grocery store than for two and half to four hours at the theatre?), and spent about an hour walking home. About halfway through the walk home my legs started to seriously ache, but I made it. Should have stretched after. Took a nap. Woke up with my right wrist too painful to move. Assuming carpal tunnel, have applied icy hot.

I downloaded an app to help keep track of what I ate today. I've always really strongly resisted counting calories; I kind of thought it was dumb, but today I gave it a shot, paying attention to what I was eating and how much of it, and it was actually kind of fun, especially when I finished dinner and had 297 calories left to play with for dessert. Now if I can just convince Dom that he needs to at least keep track of what he's eating...

What I ate today )
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I was walking home from work and thinking about my resolutions for the coming year and how I aught to write them down when I got home and not get distracted by teh interwebs. I almost got distracted by my friendslist anyway.


I know that 2011 has been a crap year for a lot of people. For me it's had some awesome moments and some not so great moments, but I wouldn't over all call it a crap year. Maybe a hard year. Still, I hope 2012 is more enjoyable, even if it is just as challenging. I hope it doesn't go by so quickly.

Resolutions... I want to keep in better contact with my family this year. I have been a pretty bad granddaughter/cousin/niece when it comes to actually talking to my grandparents/cousins/aunts (oddly, I've never been close with any of my uncles...), and I guess I could put a little more effort into my communications with my brother and sister and parents, while we're on the topic.

I'm going to try to manage my money better. Eat out less, pay attention to what I'm spending my money on, so on. I need to save up for a new car, and will probably have to sell the old one before it starts racking up parking tickets, since it hasn't started since thanksgiving. I need to save up for the probable move to wherever I end up going to University too. I need to go to the credit union on monday and talk to them about opening a savings account and what I'll need to do for an eventual car loan.

The cliche: I need to eat better and exercise more. I'm five feet tall and 150 lbs; healthy weight for my height is 115-125. Time to accept that I'm fat. I've been talking about it since my birthday, time to act. Dom and I are thinking about getting bikes, since both our cars are pretty much out of commission. We're taking physical conditioning class when school starts. Dad and Michele were talking about this cleanse they're planning to do, which sounded pretty solid and I think could give us a good jump start, if they'll just send me the info in time... If not, I'm going to get on Spark People in a little bit and start doing some meal planning -- see better money management above. I think we should also plan to walk/hike more, see if we can carpool to school with one of our Company friends, I'll have to talk to Anura about getting rides to the Civic, maybe avail ourselves of Rachel's Wii Fit, look into yoga studios in the area, plan and prepare meals ahead of time, keep a journal of our progress... Probably some other stuff I thought about on the way home but can't remember anymore...

Anyway. I'm going to be posting updates here, since I don't really use it for anything else. I really, really, really don't want to be that person who only ever talks about their weight loss progress, but it's probably the only way to keep myself accountable. Start date goal is Monday, so I guess I'll be spending tomorrow planning...

So. Uh. Yeah. Happy New Year.
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So, I started watching Eureka, mostly because I know at some point Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day show up. I'm half way through season two, and they haven't yet. I'm still deciding if I like the show.

Thoughts so far )
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It was a week and a half before my 15th birthday. I was a freshman in high school. I was a year into my newborn theatre obsession, just a month after one of the best shows I've ever done (maybe in retrospect not the best show, but it was one of the defining moments of what a theatre experience should be for me).

At 7:30ish am, my mom was driving me to school, and we were listening to the radio. There were reports of a plane hitting the World Trade Center, which was something I was only vaguely aware of as being in New York. At school one of my friends (who would later turn insanely jingoistic and join the national guard) ran up to me, asked if I'd heard. I don't remember exactly what was said, but I remember the scene between the lockers and the stairs of B building at almost 8am vividly.

My first class (homeroom/Integrated Physics and Chemistry), we watched the news. We saw the second plane hit and the first tower collapse. Second period was Theatre, teacher said this was something we would all remember for the rest of our lives; we watched the news repeat clips. Lunch I don't really remember. Third period, English, my teacher said school must go on and we must carry on with our studies. One of my classmates was worried because her dad was in New York. I don't remember if I ever found out if he was ok. I don't remember anything else from the rest of the school day...

After school my mom and I had planned to go shopping because my birthday was coming up, but everything was closed. It was eerie how empty the town seemed.

Mostly I was overcome with teenage "what has this got to to with me?" People worried that we might be attacked because there was a lage army base in our town, but I always felt like that was more paranoia than anything.

It'd been easy to get on base before (My mom had clients on base), and now it was impossible. The border crossing got worse. Flags went up everywhere. Flying to visit my dad, which had always been pretty simple, was suddenly an insane rigmarole. In fact, most of the time I've spent flying has been post-9/11. People talk about how easy flying used to be, and I kind of vaguely remember it, but really, for me, flying has always been an ordeal.

My friend and the dumbass jock white boys in my geography class completely fed into the jingoism that was rampant in our town; I got pretty fed up with their racist jokes, which they thought were hilarious.

I wonder a lot about what life would be like if the attacks hadn't happened. How easy it would still be to fly.
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It's my birthday in a month!

Is posting wish lists tacky at (almost) 25? Whatever, sometimes I'm still a little bit 12 inside. And really, the things I long for range from pretty practical to "I know there's almost no chance in hell someone else will buy this for me and I definitely can't afford it." So.

I would like:
-At least one new pair of shoes. Something that would be comfortable to work in, being on my feet for 5+ hours, preferably in black. I would also like some new tennis shoes for general not at work stuff, but one very comfortable pair of shoes could suffice. Also, new sandals. Prefer birkenstocks; current pair has been with me over five years and I stole them from my mom. They are worn the fuck out, cracked in several places, and giving me blisters. :(
EDIT: I can get good work shoes through a program at work which will take the price in increments out of paychecks for a while. So that just leaves good new tennis shoes and good new sandals.
-Some nice shirts that actually fit me. I seem to only own t-shirts or button ups that don't fit.
-A Disneyland Annual Passport renewal.
-A new phone. My current one is over two years old and pretty badly beat up.
-An iPad.
-A new car.

...huh. Guess that's it. Thought there'd be more, but that's all that comes to mind right now...
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The last few weeks have been harrowing.

Con was more stressful than enjoyable for me. Alaina and Liz and I had a rehash session yesterday about how unenjoyable it was this year. The main highlight of Con was getting to see Alaina, actually, since she's deployed in Denver, but was able to take a couple weeks leave for Con.

Woes )


Jul. 28th, 2011 10:31 am
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Ok, lj's most recent meltdown has convinced me I aught to at least have a back up in place... I've had my livejournal for almost ten years, so, you know, moving on has been difficult more because I'm lazy and don't want to move out of my comfort zone than anything else... So, anyway. Here I am.
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This is a test.
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Ok, so I saw this commercial last night.


A couple of seconds in I was like, "Ok, points for making a commercial that's not completely obvious what it's about from the get-go..." And then, once it was clear what it was about, I just had this completely unsettled feeling that I couldn't really articulate.

Does anyone else feel like the message is, "Hey ladies! Your vag is the only thing anyone cares about you for! Make sure it's clean and smells nice, m'kay?"

Still can't really articulate the feeling I'm having. Rage seems a little too strong, but... *headdesk*
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If I started an etsy shop to sell the bracelets I make (examples here), do you think anyone would be interested in buying them?
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Watched it on BBCA Saturday night. Rewatching a download. Comments follow.

On no account follow me into this box and close the door behind you! )

So, when I watched this Saturday night, it seemed way too short and seemed to end very suddenly. Kim mentioned Sunday that it seemed to short and wondered if anything had been cut, and at the beginning of this rewatch there were a few very small things that I didn't remember from the first viewing, but not enough to really impact timing on American TV... At the end of the first viewing, I was feeling distinctly underwhelmed and dissatisfied. Watching it straight through without commercial breaks was a lot more satisfying though.

I watched it at Dom's because I was staying with him that night and I can actually figure out how his DVR works (I can't even get my roommates' TV to work half the time, it has too many remotes and attached gadgets). He hasn't seen any Doctor Who before, even though both Dan and I are hugely into it. We're going to get him into it at some point, but this definitely isn't a good introductory episode... I'm kind of tempted to just start him off on "The Eleventh Hour" because that really is a fantastic introduction point, with everything all new and pretty... and I did just rewatch the entire New Who, and I don't feel like doing it all again so soon... but, well, Eccleston and Tennant and Rose and Jack and Martha and Donna and Sarah Jane and Mickey and Sally Sparrow and Nurse Redfern and Tim and The Face of Boe and Wilf and Jackie and Pete...

I guess we'll get to them all eventually... Is it Saturday yet?
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So, I'm doing a project on the muppets for one of my classes. Research is fun and entertaining and interesting. I've always loved the muppets, so of course it is. I can't remember how old I was when I first learned I shared a birthday with Jim Henson, but it's a little trivia tidbit that I have enjoyed knowing. I never really bothered looking into when and how he died before though. Today I learned he died of the same strain of strep which has been making me sick since I was 12 (including three times last year). Huh.


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