Apr. 26th, 2011

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Watched it on BBCA Saturday night. Rewatching a download. Comments follow.

On no account follow me into this box and close the door behind you! )

So, when I watched this Saturday night, it seemed way too short and seemed to end very suddenly. Kim mentioned Sunday that it seemed to short and wondered if anything had been cut, and at the beginning of this rewatch there were a few very small things that I didn't remember from the first viewing, but not enough to really impact timing on American TV... At the end of the first viewing, I was feeling distinctly underwhelmed and dissatisfied. Watching it straight through without commercial breaks was a lot more satisfying though.

I watched it at Dom's because I was staying with him that night and I can actually figure out how his DVR works (I can't even get my roommates' TV to work half the time, it has too many remotes and attached gadgets). He hasn't seen any Doctor Who before, even though both Dan and I are hugely into it. We're going to get him into it at some point, but this definitely isn't a good introductory episode... I'm kind of tempted to just start him off on "The Eleventh Hour" because that really is a fantastic introduction point, with everything all new and pretty... and I did just rewatch the entire New Who, and I don't feel like doing it all again so soon... but, well, Eccleston and Tennant and Rose and Jack and Martha and Donna and Sarah Jane and Mickey and Sally Sparrow and Nurse Redfern and Tim and The Face of Boe and Wilf and Jackie and Pete...

I guess we'll get to them all eventually... Is it Saturday yet?


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