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Pictures from Thursday. Salt, Battle: Los Angeles, RED, and JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon panels, I met Bear McCreary, and pictures from w00tstock 2.4!

What I can remember of Thursday )

Pictures from Friday. A few shots outside the convention center, a few on the floor, and a couple from Marian Call's concert that night.

Friday recounted )

Pictures from Saturday. Seth Macfarlane panels, Matt Groening panels, V and Fringe panels, some pictures from the floor, and a few from the Repo! screening.

A little bit about Saturday )

Two pictures from Sunday. I meant to take more and I just... didn't. They're both cosplay.

The final day. )

Ended up calling it early. No more panels I desperately wanted to be at, couldn't take being on the floor anymore. Met up with Marc and had lunch before we went our separate ways home, where I crashed for a couple hours before getting to work on the photos.

Super Heroes vs. The Westboro Baptist Church; I pretty neatly avoided them all weekend. *shrug*

Never made it into Flynn's, which I'm really only passingly sad about.

Decided that there's got to be something I'm willing to camp out for, because I think line camping is an experience I should have, but it wasn't to be this year.

Want to have at least one costume next year, but it must include comfortable shoes.

Had an idea for budget-friendly three costumes in one: Get a tan jumpsuit and switch out iron-ons (probably pinned on) every day, be a Kaylee or Wash, a member of the Dharma Initiative, and a Ghostbuster on different days.

- RED poster
- Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and The Simpsons buttons
- Delivery Boy Man comic
- Chick-Fil-A cow comic
- Lostpedia mini book
- Fringe holographic fan thingy
- Kingdom of Loathing booklet

and now I have Repo! stuck in my head.

*goes back to sleep*


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