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So, apparantly this whole zombie thing isn't just here in SD, but at least nation-wide. I was a bit worried this morning, when the first bus sped by with the driver looking a little bit dead-at-the-wheel... And then, just before the next one showed up, a few guys were shambling toward the bus stop, looking, well, worse off than homeless. This driver, thankfully, seemed pretty aware of what was up and cool-headed. Plus, the bus had steps, and the shamblers seemed a little confused by them. Driver said something about a time-table and make up their minds before just closing the door and getting on.

Business as usual at work though. A few co-workers were called in brains, but otherwise not too much activity. Since Manager left about an hour and a half ago, I've seen a few go shambly by, but they don't seem very interested in fruit, and I'm short enough to duck behind the counter just by sinking in my chair. Ally says there's a lot more activity at the downtown store, with some particularly fabulous zombie sightings. She's baricaded the door with the display racks, but mostly just seems pissed that the world is ending and she has to be at work.

Haven't heard from Marc since about lunch time, but it seems like if anyplace can withstand a zombie attack, it'd be the station. Even sitting precariously on that hill as it is, it's got a dozen security doors. ...Then again, once Miller's on, there's really no way of telling whether or not everyone in the station has become Undead...

I hope this blows over quick. We're supposed to go to the county fair tonight and see Weird Al.


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