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Pictures from Thursday. Salt, Battle: Los Angeles, RED, and JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon panels, I met Bear McCreary, and pictures from w00tstock 2.4!

What I can remember of Thursday )

Pictures from Friday. A few shots outside the convention center, a few on the floor, and a couple from Marian Call's concert that night.

Friday recounted )

Pictures from Saturday. Seth Macfarlane panels, Matt Groening panels, V and Fringe panels, some pictures from the floor, and a few from the Repo! screening.

A little bit about Saturday )

Two pictures from Sunday. I meant to take more and I just... didn't. They're both cosplay.

The final day. )

Ended up calling it early. No more panels I desperately wanted to be at, couldn't take being on the floor anymore. Met up with Marc and had lunch before we went our separate ways home, where I crashed for a couple hours before getting to work on the photos.

Super Heroes vs. The Westboro Baptist Church; I pretty neatly avoided them all weekend. *shrug*

Never made it into Flynn's, which I'm really only passingly sad about.

Decided that there's got to be something I'm willing to camp out for, because I think line camping is an experience I should have, but it wasn't to be this year.

Want to have at least one costume next year, but it must include comfortable shoes.

Had an idea for budget-friendly three costumes in one: Get a tan jumpsuit and switch out iron-ons (probably pinned on) every day, be a Kaylee or Wash, a member of the Dharma Initiative, and a Ghostbuster on different days.

- RED poster
- Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and The Simpsons buttons
- Delivery Boy Man comic
- Chick-Fil-A cow comic
- Lostpedia mini book
- Fringe holographic fan thingy
- Kingdom of Loathing booklet

and now I have Repo! stuck in my head.

*goes back to sleep*
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I've pretty much made it through the first week of school unscathed. I'm very excited about this semester. I just keep having to remind myself to stay organized and not procrastinate. So far I've managed to get a jump on a couple of projects, but I still need to get books for my classes. The online class is based out of the campus I'm not going to this semester tho, so getting to the bookstore is a little out of the way. The books for my other two classes are only recommended, so they're not in the bookstore; I want them anyway. I just... can't really afford them. I get a financial aid advance to use at the school bookstores, but it's no good with other retailers. *sigh* At least they're both in the library, perhaps I can make due with those until I get the actual cashy monies.

Meeting with my partner for my first scene in half an hour. Still need to read the play I've picked out for my monologue. Waiting for an ok on the props list for the first play, have the script for the second play from the bookstore. Feeling pretty jazzed overall.

worries )

Should probably eat something before rehearsing...


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