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Because I haven't done any in ages!

found at [ profile] copperbadge's Cafe:

Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
Go to flickr and click on explore the last seven days. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
Use photoshop or similar to put it all together. Post it with this text in the caption.



ganked from [ profile] thistlerose

1. If I looked on your bed right now, what would I find?

Me, my laptop, my phone, my black purse, Arch Enemy by Frank Beddor; sheets are kind of turquoise, there's two regular pillows, a darker blue body pillow, and a little blue and brown pillow that matches the comforter; I dunno where the bigger brown pillow went...

continued! )
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Thursday was Travelin' Day. Woke up and it was windy. Windy turned into cloudy and dust stormy, and by 2:30 when I needed to be at the airport, visibility was pretty low. Mum had to work in Cruces, so we had a pancake breakfast with Joe and Annze and said our goodbyes early. Joe and Annze went back to his apartment for a little while while I tackled packing up my presents and acquired goodies and some of my old things which I'd found in Annze's closet and the garage. It was an ordeal, but I managed to cram it all in somehow and without breaking anything! Joe brought back Subway, and then we went to the airport. Apparently a little while after my plane took off, it started snowing. It was raining in San Diego the whole time I was in El Paso. I always miss all the weather. ;p

Phoenix was miserable for two hours. A kid watched me play mah jong while we waited for our plane to board.

Daniel picked me up from the airport and we went over to Dominick's shop (he couldn't get out of work, so he sent Dan), where Dan proceeded to almost trick Dom into thinking that he'd been kicked out of the airport before he could pick me up. It was kind of hilarious. Joyous reunion. :) Dom had to close up, so Dan took me home and I took a shower and then went back to the shop for Dom.

We slept in pretty late on Friday. I can't really remember what all we did before I took him back to work at 4... While he was working, I did laundry and tried to tidy my room a little bit and got ready for Todd's party. I was worried my boots wouldn't get here on time, but they arrived some time that morning while we were sleeping. They look fantastic (though much shinier in person than on the website...), but good god are they uncomfortable... No wonder I never wear heels... ;p

Regardless, the party was awesome. Beth has posted photos. I particularly like this one of me and Dominick. There was good food, good friends, lots of alcohol, Christmas music until the countdown, and then dancing. Afterward, we retired to Dom's for the night.

Yesterday was spent clearing and cleaning his apartment out, since he's moving out. Since he and Renda and Allie haven't actually found a place yet, we stowed his stuff at his brother's and his friend Chris's places and in Dan's and my cars. Oh yeah, I met his dad and his older brother yesterday. They both seem pretty cool. We managed to get it all done in one day, since he'd already spent most of the week packing. We just had to get rid of the big stuff with Renda and Dan and Nick's help. Still, it was after midnight when we decided there wasn't anything more we could do to clean the apartment. We went to Rudford's for dinner (first thing he'd eaten all day *sigh*), then back to mine for a shower and sleep.

Today we were going to try to get an early start, but that didn't work out so well... Ran some errands, got some food, went over to Chris's to see Dom's cats for a little while. We ended up watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with Chris and his girlfriend and his roommate and and his roommate's brother and his roommate's brother's girlfriend. It started raining about halfway through the movie, so it was a very cozy, nice and relaxed afternoon, after yesterday's craziness.

After the movie I dropped him off at work again. He's staying at his brother's tonight. I have to be back at work tomorrow morning (bleh), so I've been desperately trying to resist the urge to take a nap long enough that it's a reasonable time to go to sleep when I have to be up at 6:30am. As usual, however, it's nearing the time I'll allow myself to go to sleep and I'm starting to feel more awake. *sigh* I wish there were some way I could afford not to work this semester... I probably practically won't be because of how many classes I'm taking... So this month is going to be busy as I try to pick up as many shifts as I can before the 26th...

I need some shelves. And a curtain rod. First I need to go to the bank after work tomorrow. Yes.

(And a moment of groupthink on the part of the roomies which was particularly hilarious/terrible... I can't even explain it.
Rachel: "Aren't coathangers used to make sure you don't procreate?"
Me: "Exactly!"
Marlena: "That's what I was thinking!"
Jeff: "You guys are going to hell.")
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Woke up to Mum and brother coming back from the train station; apparently he'd missed his train by seconds. So we got a few extra Rory hours and put him on the bus this evening.

Annze has now watched the entirety of DW's 2005 series; Joe and Mum still need to catch up. I only caught pieces of each ep after The Long Game, but of course I've seen them all before. Mum and I watched Iron Man 2 this evening after dropping Rory off at the bus station.

Mum's taking me to Target tomorrow to look at curtains; I think I might also look into some new earbuds, and maybe look at cameras. I think the batteries for my camera have stopped holding a charge, and it is kinda bulky... Then in the evening Sofia and Francesca and I are going to see Tangled; we may or may not be joined by Annze, my mom, Sofia's boyfriend, and Sophi, depending on many factors.

Dom's not going to be able to pick me up from the airport on Thursday; the car has an exhaust leak and he has to cover a shift at work, so he's sending Daniel in his stead. A little bummed, but what can ya do?

The dog is getting restless. She doesn't like closed doors, and I have the door to my room only cracked; she's sitting at the end of the bed just staring at the door. Poor puppy is a bit neurotic.
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Day after Christmas, not terribly eventful. Mum and Rory went to see True Grit. I tried to sleep in, but couldn't really stay asleep past 9 or so. Went and got bread and orange juice, made myself breakfast at 2pm, took the dog for a walk and listened to Harry Potter. I need to get new earbuds, mine keep crackling and giving me the impression they're going to electrocute me.

Haven't heard from Sofia; we had tentative plans to see Tangled on Tuesday, but she hasn't gotten back to me about it...

Doctor Who Christmas Special was sweet; I can't wait for the new series to start. Watched the first two discs of the first series with Annze and Joe and Mum, and most of the third disc already. We're up to The Empty Child, which is, of course, one of my favorites.

Rory's leaving for home in the morning. He's out with his friends right now. I kind of doubt I'll see him again before he leaves...

I keep thinking about how I need to get a jump on my set design for next semester, and then I think, "I'm on vacation right now! I can get started on it when I get home!" ...I've already got a basic idea for the set though; really hoping I'll be able to pull it off. That I'll have time to pull it off. All of my drawing supplies are at home... And I'm really not as good at drawing as I used to pretend to be, so I don't know if I can pull it off well... *sigh*

I've been sleepy all day. I should be sleepy now, but I'm not. Most frustrating.
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Mum made cinnamon scones for breakfast. Annze got more presents than anyone else, but as she's the only non-adult it seems fitting. I got Arch Enemy and Behemoth as well as the entirety of Slings and Arrows on dvd (I've never seen it, but I've heard it's good). Also a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, $250 cash, incense, soap, a chocolate bar, the tea I got in GA when I was sick, Human Action by Ludvig von Mises, and a silver ingot.

Joe asked that no one buy him anything this year, but I knew he wanted to start watching New Who, so I bought Annze the first series and told her to share it with him. I'm still working on Dad and Mum's presents; hopefully they'll be done before it gets warm again. Rory's present should arrive at his apartment some time next week. Dom's is waiting for me at home.

Called Dad and talked to my grandparents as well. Wish I'd thought to send a card... Just got off the phone with Dom; sounds like he's having a good time with his dad and brothers.

Rory's gone to take a nap, Mum's going on a bike ride, I think Joe just took his mom home, Annze's watching Big... I'm waiting for the DW christmas special to download because we don't have cable here... I could take a nap... or I could take Mila for a walk...

Merry Christmas everyone! Or, if you don't celebrate, have a lovely day anyway!
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So now, because of that header that I haven't figured out how to alter (srsly. my imaging program keeps opening it in 8 bit), I feel obligated to actually write every day... Or maybe I'm just bored. I dunno.

Happy Christmas Eve!

I've been at my mom's since last Saturday and will be here until next Thursday. It's been pretty restful, despite my siblings'... idiosyncrasies which I won't get into right now. I saw Sofia on Monday, and she said she'll try and come back into town next Tuesday, and maybe bring her boyfriend too. Sophi and I have been trying to make plans and might hang this afternoon. Ran into Francesca yesterday, invited her to come see a movie with me and Fi on Tuesday. No sign of the Alex yet.

Finally did some Christmas shopping yesterday. Lamenting the fact that I really should have thought about sending out cards... about a month ago. Or at least a couple weeks ago. Still not so good at this planning thing... maybe next year... It was the first time I'd gone outside in a couple days. Thinking I should at least take the dog out today, if Sophi and I don't end up getting together.

...Sister is playing Super Mario Brothers.

Watched the eclipse Monday night/Tuesday morning from the trampoline in our back yard. Went out with a blanket and my iPod, intending to listen to Harry Potter, but then my brother came out and we talked. Which was better.

Mum is baking three different recipes at once. Brother is still asleep.

I hear it's been raining torrentially back home. Some areas got flooded. I hope my car is ok...

I hadn't really even given any thought to what I wanted for Christmas this year. Besides an iPad, I mean. ;p I've told Annze I want Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld (finally finished Leviathan; it's a really short book, but with so little free time to read, it took me almost two months) and Arch Enemy by Frank Beddor. I'm thinking I wold also like the How To Cook Everything book, but my biggest problem with cooking isn't that I don't have recipes, but that I don't have time... I really should try to make time... Wasn't my resolution last year to cook more? Hrm. Should work on that.

Todd is having a party for New Years; I'm more than likely going, unless Dominick particularly wants to do something else, but I think he said he doesn't... It's a classy dress party, and I've got a couple things that could do, but I really want to find something super nice... too bad super nice also equates to super expensive...

Oof, I need to do laundry today. I should get on that. I could have sworn I packed six shirts, but I can't seem to find the last one...

The cookies Mum made are gingerbread. Yummy.

Looking forward to tomorrow's Doctor Who! Been rewatching the end of series five in anticipation.

Aaaand I seem to have reached the end of my ramblings for the moment. I miss Dom.
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Have changed my lj theme for the first time in over five years. W00t. Also changed my twitter theme. Perhaps I'll get crazy and update my profiles! ;p
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*blows the dust around* oogh. I'm not gonna say I should write in here more often.... so busy lately...

it's [ profile] copperbadge's birthday, and as always, he has something thinky to say about it, which got me thinking about stuff... My birthday's on Friday. I'm going to be 24, and I'm in my sixth year of work on my Associate's Degree. And usually, I'm ok with that. I'm not at all ready to say I'm a grown up, even when I've just moved into my third home-without-my-parents, and I bought a car all by myself and I pay car insurance and take out the trash and sleep in a queen size bed and make decisions about bills... I know I seem ancient to the kids I work with, but I still feel like there's so much I don't know and can't do yet. And I think, mostly, that's a good way to approach life. But lately I worry that that I won't ever get to know and do the things I know nothing about... Eck. This is turning way more navel-gazey than I meant for it to.

I can't decide what to do for my birthday. We're still testing the waters of our new place, so we don't want to have a huge party; we're having a housewarming on saturday, but the roomies want to keep it low-key, so we can't invite a ton of people... and, well, I know a ton of people... In separate groups that don't really overlap so much, so having them all in one place would be awkward anyway, but... I don't know what to do...
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Pictures from Thursday. Salt, Battle: Los Angeles, RED, and JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon panels, I met Bear McCreary, and pictures from w00tstock 2.4!

What I can remember of Thursday )

Pictures from Friday. A few shots outside the convention center, a few on the floor, and a couple from Marian Call's concert that night.

Friday recounted )

Pictures from Saturday. Seth Macfarlane panels, Matt Groening panels, V and Fringe panels, some pictures from the floor, and a few from the Repo! screening.

A little bit about Saturday )

Two pictures from Sunday. I meant to take more and I just... didn't. They're both cosplay.

The final day. )

Ended up calling it early. No more panels I desperately wanted to be at, couldn't take being on the floor anymore. Met up with Marc and had lunch before we went our separate ways home, where I crashed for a couple hours before getting to work on the photos.

Super Heroes vs. The Westboro Baptist Church; I pretty neatly avoided them all weekend. *shrug*

Never made it into Flynn's, which I'm really only passingly sad about.

Decided that there's got to be something I'm willing to camp out for, because I think line camping is an experience I should have, but it wasn't to be this year.

Want to have at least one costume next year, but it must include comfortable shoes.

Had an idea for budget-friendly three costumes in one: Get a tan jumpsuit and switch out iron-ons (probably pinned on) every day, be a Kaylee or Wash, a member of the Dharma Initiative, and a Ghostbuster on different days.

- RED poster
- Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and The Simpsons buttons
- Delivery Boy Man comic
- Chick-Fil-A cow comic
- Lostpedia mini book
- Fringe holographic fan thingy
- Kingdom of Loathing booklet

and now I have Repo! stuck in my head.

*goes back to sleep*
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Just my reactions, as I txted them to Dan on my first viewing over the last hour.

Spoilers! )

I will probably have to watch it again to formulate some more coherent reactions, but I loved it. I was sad before watching it because this season is now over, and I am still a little bit. But I am definitely looking forward to next season; Neil Gaiman's writing an ep. :D
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rewatching new Dr. Who. it made me so gleeful last night. :D

favorite bits (definitely spoilery!) )
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cut my hair. way short. like this. dyed it dark brown with purple streaks. haven't been able to get a good picture yet. hopefully soon. ;p it pleases me.
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I've pretty much made it through the first week of school unscathed. I'm very excited about this semester. I just keep having to remind myself to stay organized and not procrastinate. So far I've managed to get a jump on a couple of projects, but I still need to get books for my classes. The online class is based out of the campus I'm not going to this semester tho, so getting to the bookstore is a little out of the way. The books for my other two classes are only recommended, so they're not in the bookstore; I want them anyway. I just... can't really afford them. I get a financial aid advance to use at the school bookstores, but it's no good with other retailers. *sigh* At least they're both in the library, perhaps I can make due with those until I get the actual cashy monies.

Meeting with my partner for my first scene in half an hour. Still need to read the play I've picked out for my monologue. Waiting for an ok on the props list for the first play, have the script for the second play from the bookstore. Feeling pretty jazzed overall.

worries )

Should probably eat something before rehearsing...
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ughh, I need someone to tell me how to dress. was there some class or something I missed about dressing like a person? blarg.
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Haven't updated in a while. Guess I haven't really had a lot to update about... Got back from El Paso and I've pretty much been working and sleeping. Been taking full advantage of my leisure time while I can ;p (can you use smilies as punctuation? I fear I do all too often). Tomorrow school starts, and then I probably won't have time to update.

The Black Kat show closed last night. It was a fun show, I like all my castmates, and it had a pretty good run (packed houses a couple of nights, and close to full for every other), but I'm glad to be moving on now. *shrug*

Been reading a lot; I devoured [ profile] tammypierce's new book in just a couple of days, and now I'm almost done with Edith Pattou's East. Also helping with [ profile] copperbadge's latest project. I've also been watching a lot of tv. All caught up on Lost, just in time for the new season.

My car decided, in the middle of the downpour last week, that it needs a new alternator. And of course, I'm more broke than I thought I was, so it's already at the mechanic's and I'm not sure how I'll pay for it and still be able to pay my rent. Awesome.

I've had Jesus Christ Superstar stuck in my head for a week.

The kids I work with love making friendship bracelets, so I've sort of gotten into it myself. I've been working on one that's more of a cuff for about a week; it's got twenty-two strands in rainbow colors and it's huge, as friendship bracelets go. It's kind of uneven, but I'm still kinda proud of figuring out the pattern almost all on my own. Plus, it's a nice creative outlet that doesn't require quite as much thought and figuratively bashing my head against a wall as writing.

Speaking of. Still getting nowhere on the story I'm trying to write. I need a macguffin, and I can't find the right one...

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I <3 this article about feminism, vampire novels, and Twilight (with lots of references to Buffy and a few nods to various others). The Buffy vs. Edward video in particular is a thing of beauty. :D
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Have somehow gotten it into my head that I want to study in England next summer. Don't think it's really possible in that short amount of time tho... Hrm.
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So, I've been wanting to go shopping for like a week. Went out today, ended up getting a couple shirts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of black cargo pants. Also got fitted for a bra, cause the measurements from last year are already all wrong.

People, I am five feet tall. Apparently most stores think "short" = 5'5" or so. The hell? But, on top of that, apparently I've got an hourglass figure, so my hips and shoulders are weirdly wide compared to my waist. And my bra size is now a G!

Where the hell did that come from?! Every woman in my family is C or smaller! Where am I supposed to find a bra that fits, is comfortable, doesn't look hideous, and isn't insanely expensive?

auhg. *headdesk*
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so, we're at that point in tech week where everyone is a hair away from killing each other because we open in two days and nothing is ready yet. it's been A Day. I know it'll pass and everything'll be awesome come Friday, but... augh, so much craziness, and we've ended up not using or having to redo all these things that we worked so hard on because of the shitty things we were doing last minute. *sigh*

I also need to have a lesson plan for my club at work written and submitted yesterday morning. blech.


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