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I was walking home from work and thinking about my resolutions for the coming year and how I aught to write them down when I got home and not get distracted by teh interwebs. I almost got distracted by my friendslist anyway.


I know that 2011 has been a crap year for a lot of people. For me it's had some awesome moments and some not so great moments, but I wouldn't over all call it a crap year. Maybe a hard year. Still, I hope 2012 is more enjoyable, even if it is just as challenging. I hope it doesn't go by so quickly.

Resolutions... I want to keep in better contact with my family this year. I have been a pretty bad granddaughter/cousin/niece when it comes to actually talking to my grandparents/cousins/aunts (oddly, I've never been close with any of my uncles...), and I guess I could put a little more effort into my communications with my brother and sister and parents, while we're on the topic.

I'm going to try to manage my money better. Eat out less, pay attention to what I'm spending my money on, so on. I need to save up for a new car, and will probably have to sell the old one before it starts racking up parking tickets, since it hasn't started since thanksgiving. I need to save up for the probable move to wherever I end up going to University too. I need to go to the credit union on monday and talk to them about opening a savings account and what I'll need to do for an eventual car loan.

The cliche: I need to eat better and exercise more. I'm five feet tall and 150 lbs; healthy weight for my height is 115-125. Time to accept that I'm fat. I've been talking about it since my birthday, time to act. Dom and I are thinking about getting bikes, since both our cars are pretty much out of commission. We're taking physical conditioning class when school starts. Dad and Michele were talking about this cleanse they're planning to do, which sounded pretty solid and I think could give us a good jump start, if they'll just send me the info in time... If not, I'm going to get on Spark People in a little bit and start doing some meal planning -- see better money management above. I think we should also plan to walk/hike more, see if we can carpool to school with one of our Company friends, I'll have to talk to Anura about getting rides to the Civic, maybe avail ourselves of Rachel's Wii Fit, look into yoga studios in the area, plan and prepare meals ahead of time, keep a journal of our progress... Probably some other stuff I thought about on the way home but can't remember anymore...

Anyway. I'm going to be posting updates here, since I don't really use it for anything else. I really, really, really don't want to be that person who only ever talks about their weight loss progress, but it's probably the only way to keep myself accountable. Start date goal is Monday, so I guess I'll be spending tomorrow planning...

So. Uh. Yeah. Happy New Year.


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