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So, I started watching Eureka, mostly because I know at some point Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day show up. I'm half way through season two, and they haven't yet. I'm still deciding if I like the show.

The first season was pretty heavy handed, writing wise. Overall, it's cute and most of the characters are likable. It brings up some interesting issues and plot-points. The season finale took a trope I hate and made it interesting. In the second season the writers seem to be figuring out what they're doing. They're finally figuring out the art of the red herring. Character traits are more stable, for the most part. But there are still things that bug me.

--How does a town completely made up of PHDs function? Who does the dirty work? Who works in the stores? How do they deal with either a) being PHDs doing janitorial work/customer service or b) being "norms" in a town full of geniuses?

--Is there anyone in the town who isn't in some way related to Global? It seems like Vincent is the only one. ...Is Cafe Diem the only restaurant in town?

--Where did Spencer go?

--The Allison/Jack storyline is getting tiresome. Actually, it was tiresome as soon as it started. I like them both individually. Allison is a great example of an actual Strong Female Character. I enjoy her interaction with Stark. I totally believed Future!Married! Allison and Jack. I don't believe Current!Flirty!WillThey/Won'tThey! Allison and Jack. At all.

--Everyone bagging on Jack for not being as smart as them is getting tiresome. Wasn't he hired because he's a creative problem solver? Doesn't he regularly save all their asses from complete and total annihilation? Stark can continue to tease Jack all he wants, he has other reasons, but everyone else needs to lay the hell off.

--How the hell did Eureka not blow the hell up before Jack came to town? How the hell does Global get away with almost destroying the world every week?? The Disaster of the Week thing is getting tiresome.

--On the other hand, the writers are to be applauded for doing something that very few other writers have done well: The Henry storyline. See people, this is how you take a lovable character and sympathetically turn him evil. Not what you did with Sayid (or half the other characters in Lost...), Anakin, Mozzie, Boyd (sorry Joss)...

There was something else, but I got sidetracked trying to come up with other lovable characters who turn evil in a dumb way... Oh right, I still have issues with Henry being the Deus Ex Machina who does everything in the town... Did he kill Spencer????
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