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It's my birthday in a month!

Is posting wish lists tacky at (almost) 25? Whatever, sometimes I'm still a little bit 12 inside. And really, the things I long for range from pretty practical to "I know there's almost no chance in hell someone else will buy this for me and I definitely can't afford it." So.

I would like:
-At least one new pair of shoes. Something that would be comfortable to work in, being on my feet for 5+ hours, preferably in black. I would also like some new tennis shoes for general not at work stuff, but one very comfortable pair of shoes could suffice. Also, new sandals. Prefer birkenstocks; current pair has been with me over five years and I stole them from my mom. They are worn the fuck out, cracked in several places, and giving me blisters. :(
EDIT: I can get good work shoes through a program at work which will take the price in increments out of paychecks for a while. So that just leaves good new tennis shoes and good new sandals.
-Some nice shirts that actually fit me. I seem to only own t-shirts or button ups that don't fit.
-A Disneyland Annual Passport renewal.
-A new phone. My current one is over two years old and pretty badly beat up.
-An iPad.
-A new car.

...huh. Guess that's it. Thought there'd be more, but that's all that comes to mind right now...


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